Jib cranes

The solutions of our supplied cranes (jib cranes) are very flexible and easily adapted to different work areas, warehouses and production lines. The main types according to the method of mounting, the power and the area of the serviced area are mounted on the wall, with a column and mounted on the floor.

Jib cranes can be assembled with rope, chain hois or hand pallet hoist. According to the needs and possibilities, the cranes can be assembled with an electric braking mechanism and brakes. Usually the crane lifting power reaches 10 t and the beam is up to 12 m.

Standard gantry cranes can be delivered in just 4 weeks.

Cranes manufactured by CRANETEX can be:

  • adapted for outdoor and indoor use;
  • work on the shore;
  • with electric controlled turning mechanism with a turning angle of up to 360
  • heavy duty mode;
  • Quickly installed.

Standard and non-standard mounted cranes:

  • Capacity up to 10t;
  • beam up to – 10.5 m;
  • Total crane height up to 10m;
  • Swivel mechanism – electric or manual;

Mounted cranes can be installed in the individual work area and be an indispensable helper for the removal of heavy goods. Mounted cranes can be equipped with vacuum and magnetic lifting equipment. The crane can be controlled by a wired panel and a radio control panel.

CRANETEX team will help you to choose the most suitable solution for your production, and realize this project.

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