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Electro motors

In order to provide and deliver solutions and equipment that suits our customers, we are partnering with more than ten electric motors from around the world. We, as our representatives and partners, have chosen well-known electric motors in Europe and worldwide: MENZEL, CEMER, ATB GROUP, ABB, UMEB, SOGA, RUSELPROM. and other. This allows us to provide a very wide range of products based on the purpose, efficiency, reliability, power, security class and other requirements. Professionalism, reliability, and search for the most effective solutions are what we want to become a reliable and long-term partner for your business.

Electric motors according to your needs:

  • There are more than 1000 units in the store. electric motors
  • Short delivery terms for special orders
  • Expert advice on technical issues
  • The widest assortment for power and purpose

Our proposed electric motors:

  • General purpose low voltage electric motors up to 1400 kW
  • Motors with built-in brakes
  • Electric motors for work in explosive atmospheres (Ex)
  • Single-phase electric motors
  • Phase rotor motors
  • High voltage – 6 and 10 kV electric motors up to 12000 kW
  • Vibrating motors
  • Special electric motors for lowered axle height

Electric motors for sale

To choose the right engine, it’s important to keep up with the technical and performance characteristics that belong to the particular model. We offer a wide range of popular general purpose and specialized engine models for various industries.

Most of the offered electric motors are in stock. We strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the quality of production and service, and are always ready to satisfy their desires.

The sales department employs only highly qualified specialists who will advise and help you to select the electric motor that is optimally suited for your purposes and tasks, select the necessary additional equipment and complete the delivery within the shortest possible time. On the market of industrial electric motors UAB Technikonus follows the following principles: electric motors only of the highest quality competitive price from the warehouse or engines from the manufacturer at the lowest price.

If you are interested in the electric motor in stock, find out the price and order details, you can send us your request or contact our specialist phone.

If you do not know exactly what kind of equipment you are interested in, try to describe the purpose as detailed as possible, we are always ready to help you