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Lifting equipment components

CRANETEX offers you only the highest quality cargo handling equipment and components. At a good price, we offer you chain / linen teller, support / crane chassis, cabinet, radio control, LED lighting, anemometers and other cranes. The equipment provided has impeccable quality and high reliability. Our assortment includes not only lifting equipment, but also spare parts for cranes and tow trucks, cargo loading, and lifting equipment, crane power supply and control equipment.

Rope hoists –  from 0,8 to 250t. Loose speeds up to 50m / min. Operating modes up to M7 (ISO). Manufacturers – Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria and others.

Chain hoists / hand hoists – from 125 to 2000 kg. Lifting height up to 20m. Manufacturers – Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria and others.

Radio Control / Cable Assemblies / Cabinets

Suspension / support crane chassis for any type of rail. Gearеd motors

Operating mode up to M7 (ISO)

Safety devices, additional crane equipment, Hoist powering, crane power systems (trolley), crane control.